Is the acupuncture effect real or simply a placebo effect?

There are numerous experiments and researches done through out the decades suggesting that acupuncture stimulation desensitizes or reduces activation in the cortical areas that are believed to be involved with pain signal processing, acupuncture stimulation regulates hormone, endocrine & blood vessels activities to reduce pathological inflammation and acupuncture stimulation regulates neurotransmitters in brain activities.

Can acupuncture replace surgery?

That depends on the reasons for the surgery. If it’s for pain, acupuncture may be an alternative. If it’s for deformity, acupuncture cannot undo the deformity. Acupuncture is a symptomatic treatment, not an anatomical changing treatment. However, when the pain disappears, many patients and doctors feel that surgery is unnecessary and can be reserved as last resort.

Does it work for me?

Acupuncture treatment in pain relief and anti-inflammation has been proven effective and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and National Institute of Health (NIH). It has been helping many patients with arthritis problems. It is certainly a reasonable natural modality that has its potential to help with least side effects. However, “It works for many” doesn’t equal to “it works for you”. As for you, there is only one way to find out…