About Cancer

When a rebel cell loses its mind and doesn’t follow rules like rules to replicate, rules to repair and double check, rules to die when everyone dies or sometimes the rebel cell even takes over the command to build blood vessels to get its own supply, it becomes cancerous. It starts to replicate itself rapidly to form a colony. Starting from one place and expanding by sending scouts through the circulatory system to find new territories, finally takes over an essential organ and shuts it down…

The DNA strand is like a brain/mind of a cell and when certain areas are damaged and not repaired properly, the cell loses its mind.

There are many different forces can cause damage to a DNA strand like free radicals, radiation, certain chemicals or tobacco….

Depending on what organ and tissue it involves, cancer can mean more than 200 diseases including lung cancer, breast cancer…

40% of Canadian women and 45% of men will get cancer in their lifetime.

About 24% of women and 29% of men will die of cancer.

Risk Factors of Cancer

  • Diet imbalance and deficiency in some trace nutrients (dietary fiber, antioxidants, essential fatty acid & Vitamin D…) are linked to cancer development.
  • Diet heavy on saturated fat or animal protein contributes to cancer development.
  • Exposure to UV, X-ray or other high-energy radio waves, some pollutants and chemicals that damage DNA is linked to cancer development.
  • Overweight and sedative life style increases the risk.
  • Reduced immunity increases the risk.
  • Chronic infection or inflammation increases the risk.
  • Genetic predisposition. People who carry certain genes will have higher chance of developing cancer. Early prevention is more important for those people.
  • Aging, an inevitable factor that increases the risk…
  • …and more to be discovered every year.

About dietary prevention, check out more at Canadian Cancer Society.

How acupuncture treats cancer ?

Early prevention is the best treatment for cancer.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are main modalities used to treat cancer.

In treating cancer, acupuncture is more commonly used as an adjuvant to help relief pain after surgery and side effects (such as nausea, fatigue, depression, poor appetite & poor sleep) from radio or chemotherapy and to increase the chance to reach a successful radio or chemotherapy treatment course.

Acupuncture can also provide protection against damage to white and red blood cells. In addition, it speeds up the slow recovery from the side effects of the therapies.

Chinese herbal medicine can also assist the recovery of immune system after radio or chemotherapy when it is controlled by an experienced TCM doctor with caution.

Since early prevention is the best treatment for cancer, acupuncture offers benefit to alleviate chronic pain, insomnia, stress and weight problems.  In combination with regular exercise and healthy diet, acupuncture treatment can optimize one’s health & wellness to prevent cancer.

Early detection is also critical. Screening exams, such as colonoscopy or fecal occult blood test, mammography and Pap test, can detect precancerous conditions..

Is the acupuncture effect real or simply a placebo effect?

It has been reported that “…acupuncture provided an immediate analgesic effect similar to that of codeine and pethidine, with a more marked effect after use for two months,…” (http://apps.who.int/medicinedocs/pdf/s4926e/s4926e.pdf).

The effect was comparable with that achieved using the analgesic steps recommended by WHO. There are other researches demonstrate that acupuncture greatly lessens the adverse reactions in the digestive and nervous systems, as well as provides protection against damage to hematopoiesis for patients underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Does it work for me?

Many Calgarian cancer suffers benefit from our acupuncture therapy for immediate relief of pain and/or adverse reactions in the digestive and nervous systems, as well as providing protection against damage to blood cells. It has been helping many cancer suffers. It is certainly a reasonable natural modality that has its potential to help. However, “It works for many” doesn’t equal to “it works for you”. As for you, there is only one way to find out…

How much does it cost?

We charge $85 per acupuncture session. There is a $45 initial consultation fee in addition to the treatment fee. All fees above are subject to change without notice. Please call 403-233-0498 for current rate.

Does Alberta Health Care cover it?

Alberta Health Care does not cover acupuncture. However, most company benefits cover acupuncture when treatment is provided through a Registered Acupuncturist. You may contact human resources department or the insurance company for the details, including the coverage amount for each session, and a year, what the cut off day of the year is, if a medical referral is required etc..